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We have had the pleasure of testing the electronic cigarette starter kit from Din eCigaret. It is produced by a Danish company, and is only sold by EC 24/7 in the United Kingdom.

When we say we had the pleasure …

epro4-with-dockE-Pro 4Vapor:
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The E-Pro 4 starter kit is be a great option for you if you want to be able to enjoy your smoking sensation while limiting the negative health income. This start kit is basically almost the same as the regular …

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Care to meet my life saver – electric zebra starter pack? It’s been months now since I quit smoking my favourite cigarette brand. Thanks to my good friend who introduced this life saver three months ago. Yes, I guess I’m …

smokers-halo-king-kize-electronic-cigarette-kitnewHalo KingVapor:
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Halo King Starter Pack is a starter kit of e-cigs that has been introduced by Halo in exclusive range than other e-cig kits available in the market. E-cigs are generally used by the smokers who want to quit smoking …

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Electronic Cigarette

EC 24/7

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Electronic Cigarette Review’s Best

We have tested several different electronic cigarettes. Our test winner in the electronic cigarette review is E-Pro 4.
Thanks to the total lack of electronic cigarette review here in UK I had a lot of worries on account of dangerous effects of conventional cigarettes. Even though I was hated smoking, I did not leave the habit of smoking, but was instead searching for some alternatives. To my surprise, I found E pro 4 starter kit with my friends through an american electronic cigarette review. This starter kit has made to feel completely comfortable even when compared to Halo King Starter Kit, Electric Zebra Starter Kit and others which we also tested here at Electronic Cigarette Review UK. Mainly, I have fallen in love with the E pro because its flavor which is highly enticing to smoke. This type of flavor has not been founded with the other two types of E cigarettes. Also, my favorite E pro kit has been given with USB Charger and G9 batteries and this distinguishable feature is not found in other forms at least it is not something we have seen here at electronic cigarette review.

Batteries and quality: The power of LED

electronic cigarette led batteryThe presence of green LED G9 battery makes the product a different one from the others here on Electronic Cigarette Review UK. This feature helps to prevent confusion in the public places and this unique feature is not seen with the other two types of E cigarettes. The components of the E pro device as we recieved it for electronic cigarette review are exclusively splendid with 1 red battery, 1 portable charging case, 1 USB cable, I wall charger and a gift box. These components are world class and have been satiating the needs of the smokers to a greater extent. Hence, I am totally satiated with this kit because I can smoke indoors in a full swing. The rechargeable long -life battery has been enticing many people like me to buy. Moreover, the charging feature is easily compatible on account of clear instructions of the LED on the USB charger. This is so exclusive for the users as they can cope with the color variation from red to amber and then to bright green when the device is charged fully. I did not see any of this feature with the other types of devices. The instantaneous interchangeable feature of G9 electronic cigarettes has been attracting a lot of smokers to go for this without exception. The most important feature we found in this electronic cigarette review was that this electronic cigarette fulfills the inner needs and cravings of any human being that we know of.

How long does it last

An admirable quality of this electronic cigarette starter kit we found in this electronic cigarette review is that it equeals around 40 cigarettes’ use because of this impressive battery. Hence, we can have around 400 puffs before the battery needs to get recharged. Also, the six months warranty feature is so fantastic to buy this kit without any second thought. The recharge lifespan of this kit is absolutely exclusive and has gotten more numbers of years. E-Pro 4 is the UK Electronic Cigarette Review Test Winner on account of its various advantages.


Above all,the reliability, durability, longevity and simplicity features of the E-Pro kit are the major highlights of my contious support. This kit has been rendering the desired results for me and as well to my friends. This makes the E Lites a natural winner on Electronic Cigarette Review UK.

Below we have a few informations about us and couple of wiki facts as well. One last advice from me to you – Change to electronic cigarettes today… There is no excuse not to… If you think our test winner is to expensive then go for something else – gambling with your health is a no go!

Authors Bio

In 2010 two young men set out for a mission. A mission they both had been on in their past and they had both failed several times before. But this time things turned out differently – together with 2 electronic cigarettes they charged their tobacco addiction and together with their new electronic – almost magical – wand, they succeeded in their battle versus the tar and the tobacco. Our two heroes are actually not just random guys from the street but the creators of this electronic cigarette review site. Below we have a short bio of both of us, who have been smokefree for over 2 ½ year at the time of this being written.


Robbie – Father and Husband

This author been on the Electronic Cigarette Review since it started.I have two kids – both boys – and Í am married to my wonderful, smart and beutiful wife Christine. I have not touched smokes for over 1½ year and today I am dedicated vapor. I used to smoke 20-30 cigarettes today, but today I am vaping something that equals like a third of that. My wife told me that I needed to share my life saving experiences through electronic cigarette review, and I always listen carefully to what my wife says.

Today I try to bring the message forth to other smokers by being editor here at Electronic Cigarette Review UK.

Favorite electronic cigarette: eGo C with Swedish flavour from EC 24/7




Ethan – Biker and Bachelor

The only biker that makes reviews of electronic cigarettes while he is running his bike.I bought my first Bike and my first Electronic Cigarette the same day. I am 26 years old, and you might have met me on the roads, I am the biker driving a red Yamaha R6 and probably the only one in the world doing it with an e cig pulsing.

So far I have been with Electronic Cigarette Review for 14 months, and it has been one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Favorite electronic cigarette: eGo C with Finnish Menthol





Did you know that….

The modern electronic cigarette got invented by a Chinese pharmacist, whose father – a heavy smoker – died of an aggressive form of lung cancer. He was himself a heavy smoker and feared to end his days the same way as his father did.


Testwinner: EC 24/7

After testing several different brand of electronic cigarettes we came to the conclusion here at Electronic Cigarette Review UK, that this particular brand was the best when considering price, taste and quality.

The price for this test winner for users of Electronic Cigarette Review UK is only £ 36. Just use any link on this page. According to our electronic cigarette review and many others’ reviews this particular brand of e cigarettes can save a former smoker up to 75% of his or her normal spendings on tobacco.


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